Vacuum Loading - Combo Cleaning

Combo Cleaning Keeps Storm Water and Sewer Pipes Clean and Unblocked

If you need a combo unit or a powerful extractor to effectively clear and clean storm water and sewer pipes, get in touch with the team at Rangedale Drainage & Civil Services.

When it comes to the fast and effective removal of waste products our vacuum loader can handle a whole range of wet and dry objects such as:

  • Concrete slurries and cement
  • Bore slurries
  • Liquids
  • Adhesives
  • Oils and carbon based materials
  • Woodchips
  • Wet and dry clays
  • Brick residue
  • Grain products

Our combo units/vacuum loaders work well in tandem with our other teams such as our hydro excavation (NDD) unit. Vacuuming can also assist a civil crew repair a sewer pipe in the quickest and the most effective way possible.

As vacuum loader tends to be used for emergency purposes by Councils and water boards, our specialist teams are on standby 24/7.

Combo Cleaning

Rangedale provides an exceptional combo cleaning service that rids sewer and storm water pipes of obtrusive material. To do that, high pressure water jetting is used to clear rubble and fats from the pipe’s inner surface. Instead of being pushed further down the line and removed manually, this material gets sucked out by our powerful vacuum unit.

This service tends to be used for reactive work but we also do preventative projects and use it periodically to clean problematic pipe systems for Councils as well.

Rangedale can also conduct follow up programs where we use CCTV cameras to see why particular drains keep getting blocked. The reports we compile adhere to Water Association of Australia’s standards and include CCTV footage and a Wincam 8 report.

For more information on how Rangedale can assist with any of your requirements call 1300 669 610 or leave an enquiry online.