Impact Cutter


If a Pipe Inspection Reveals a Serious Blockage, the Impact Cutter will Clear it

If an inspection reveals that your sewer or storm water pipes are choked by hardened concrete, mineral deposits or heavy root growth, then our Intruder impact cutter will clear it away for you.

Used by Councils and water boards, our impact cutter is a heavy duty bit of equipment that’s also state-of-the-art. Made in Germany, the Intruder has a tungsten cutting head which spins as its centre hits the blockage a thousand times a minute, smashing the obstruction into small bits that get extruded. It works in sewer and storm water pipes from 150mm up to 900mm.

A Powerful and Versatile Problem Solver

Impact cutters are often used to cut large tree root masses which can’t be removed from a line by other equipment. It’s also the best option if your pipes are badly blocked by concrete. When concrete sets in and blocks a pipe, the quicker we’re alerted to the problem the easier it is for the impact cutter to fix it. If the impact cutter is used on the concrete within a few days of it being in the pipe then it slices through it like butter. If the concrete has been there for a month, then it’s a slower process to clear it out.

The impact cutter can also be used to clear out stubborn mineral deposits.

We operate the impact cutter with our vacuum loading combo units to help take the rubble from the pipe.

Clearing pipes is just one aspect of our operations at Rangedale Drainage & Civil Services. Other services that we provide include hydro excavation (NDD), pipe relining, CCTV pipe inspection, sewer and storm water pipe repairs and replacement.

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