Civil Services


For Pipe Relining & Sewer Line Replacement Use Rangedale’s Civil Services

Councils, water boards and businesses need drainage and civil service providers who are capable of delivering high standards of work. That’s why many of them make use of our services for repairs to damaged sewers and storm water pipes and for constructing sewer pipe connections and extensions. We are accredited to work with all Melbourne water boards.

Repairs To Damaged Sewers

Our team are experts in repairing, relining or replacing sewers or storm water pipes that are either damaged or blocked. If the situation requires a straightforward dig then our team can use excavators or simply do a by hand dig if the pipe is in a difficult location.

But we can do much more.

Ageing, ground movement and growing tree roots can result in a blocked or damaged sewer pipe and it can be a messy business to repair.

If you want a company who excels in sewer pipe repairs and line replacements, Rangedale Drainage & Civil Services are your best bet.

No matter what problematic issues you may have with sewer pipes, we have the experienced team and the latest equipment to ensure a successful restoration. Among Rangedale’s in-house technology are:

  • CCTV digital cameras for all pipe inspections

  • Hydro excavation units to avoid damaging services

  • Vacuum loading equipment for the quick removal of waste products

  • High pressure water jetting to unblock and clean pipes

  • Excavators with extendable arms

When it’s the best or only option, our team can also do tunnelling which allows for pipe repair work to be performed with minimal disruption to the surroundings.

Given our specialist nature, our team have the expertise and the equipment to deal with a range of situations that many service providers wouldn’t be able to achieve. Our ability to dewater deep excavations and conduct repairs on deep sewer pipelines are just two examples.

Rangedale can handle any project requirement. For further information about our civil service capabilities, phone 1300 669 610 or enquire online.