Hydro Excavation - Non Destructive Digging

Dig Safe with Rangedale’s Hydro Excavation Service

One of the biggest challenges during an excavation is avoiding damage to any underground pipes and cables.

With ‘Dial before you dig’ not always being 100 per cent accurate and considering the amount of services present underground, any excavation work carries risk.

Among the list of buried services that destructive excavation work could damage include:

  • Sewer lines
  • Fibre optic cables
  • Electricity cables
  • Water and gas mains
  • Storm water lines

If these underground pipes or cables get damaged, it can mean more than just a costly repair. If it’s an electricity cable or a gas main it can obviously pose a more serious threat of danger.

Using hydro excavation (NDD) is the best way to avoid these risks.

What Makes Hydro Excavation Different?

Our hydro excavation service uses a high velocity vacuum system which provides a highly effective non-destructive form of digging. The system’s high pressure water lance breaks up the ground which gets sucked out by a powerful vacuum into a holding tank. Importantly it won’t break or suck up any vital services.

Not only is it a safe and effective solution, it is also fast, cost effective and environmentally friendly.

Our highly skilled hydro excavation team works for major construction companies throughout Victoria as well as in South Australia and NSW.

This service is part of our specialist drainage and civil capabilities which also include pipe relining, inspections, sewer and storm water pipe repairs and line replacements.

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