Hydro Excavation - Non Destructive Digging

One of the biggest challenges during an excavation is avoiding damage to any underground pipes and cables. Hydro excavation/Non-Destructive Digging (NDD) is widely utilised in the construction, civil and utilities industries. High pressure water units expose electrical cables, underground pipes and conduits that are considered potential threats to customer projects.

The benefits provided through hydro vacuum excavation mainly involve the large reduction in risk compared to mechanical excavation, jackhammering and drilling. This is because it avoids damaging underground utilities, surrounding materials and provides a major reduction in noise pollution and disturbing the local environment.

Rangedale has one of the largest fleets of Hydro Excavation units in Victoria, both wet and dry vacuum systems, ranging from:

  • 2000L to 22,000L debris tank capacity with 4”,6” and 8” vacuum capability to meet all requirements large or small.

  • Digging pressures of 1000psi to 6000psi with variant flow rates to break up ground conditions from soft, sandy loam soils through to clay, shale and stabilised sand.

Hydro excavation (NDD) offers the following benefits:

  • Asset protection - minimised risk of damaging all underground assets

  • Safely identify the asset to determine actual depth, size and material

  • Reduces environmental impact with minimal surface disruption

  • Trenching for conduit laying in high existing service areas

  • To assist with minor and major civil works

  • Safe and cost-effective services location

  • Asset exposure, post hole digging, sign post digging, tree removal, optic fibre exposure and pit construction

  • Reduced reinstatement costs

  • Reduced downtime associated with offsite NDD slurry removal and disposal

What Makes Hydro Excavation Different?

Our hydro excavation service uses a high velocity vacuum system which provides a highly effective non-destructive form of digging. The system’s high-pressure water lances break up the ground which gets recovered by a powerful vacuum into a holding tank. Importantly it won’t break or suck up any vital service`s and provides a major reduction in noise pollution and disturbing the local environment. Non-destructive digging eliminates the time spent fixing damages caused, and raises productivity as a whole, as little to no clean-up is required afterwards.

Not only is it a safe and effective solution, it is also fast, cost effective and environmentally friendly. Our highly skilled hydro excavation team works for major construction companies throughout Victoria as well as in South Australia and NSW.

This service is part of our specialist drainage and civil capabilities which also include pipe relining, inspections, sewer and storm water pipe repairs and line replacements.

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