Draining Cleaning & CCTV


The accurate inspection and condition assessment of large diameter sanitary sewers is becoming more and more important.

Our sewer inspection technology is capable of performing detailed inspections in large diameter sewers with various flow conditions. We can locate serious defects such as cracks, infiltration, deformations and intrusions.

The “one set up” capability of our system allows our camera to inspect lengths of up to 3km from one location, thereby reducing the number of setups required. This saves time and money as well as minimising disruptions in congested areas. We have the latest in high definition IBAK camera systems accompanied by standard IBAK CCTV camera systems.

Our Long-Range CCTV Unit

Rangedale’s innovative enthusiasm has led us to purpose build specialised equipment to meet market demand. An example of this is our Long-Range CCTV Unit, purpose built for major water and sewer infrastructure.

A Hino 4×4 500 series truck has been specifically fitted out to house a long-range CCTV unit which includes: a control unit, recording devices (including a backup system) and three phase electric winches and fibre optic rotary joints. The unit includes:

  • Up to 3km of fibre optic cable used to transfer the digital signal back to the control unit for recording

  • A power supply for lights and camera operation housed within the float system unit

  • A CCTV camera mounted on a floating device with four LED lights for illumination in the pipe

  • Two trailers with hydraulic drums complete the unit. They contain up to 3,000 metres of 6mm rope to control the direction and speed of the survey

The long-range CCTV unit is strongly complimented by our high flow ‘Mega Predator’ Jetting Unit with up to 640lpm capability and long-range easement reel reaching up to 1,000 lineal meters of 11/2 inch jetting hose.

CCTV, Jet Cleaning & Root Cutting

Rangedale provides expert and efficient root clearing and cutting services all around Victoria and beyond when required. We have a large fleet of drain cleaning units which can be used for both low and high pressure cleaning work.

All Rangedale units feature large-volume water storage tanks, and also carry standpipes for easy connection to hydrants for street water supplies. These water-jetting units are fitted with the latest rotating waterjet cutting heads to remove deposits such as grease, sand, silt and roots.

Each unit carries a minimum of 260m of 1 inch hose, a wide range of jet nozzles, bombs nozzles and cleaning heads.

Water Routine Cleaning

Our high velocity jetting vehicles are on hand for clearing blockages, general cleaning or root cutting of sewers, storm water drains and pits of up to 240m in length and 1500mm in diameter.

We also provide professional chemical root foaming and manhole inspections.