Comprehensive Drainage Services Including Sewer Inspections and Pipe Repairs

Each drainage project differs and that’s why we tailor our services appropriately to ensure each achieves an ultimate outcome. As part of that, Rangedale’s use of modern equipment and advanced technology means that each drainage project is completed as efficiently and as quickly as possible.

From hydro excavation (NDD) and combo cleaning to sewer pipe inspections and repairs, our skilled teams are armed with the best equipment to manage any drainage problem.

Industry Pioneers

Our application of modern technology helps our services stand out from our peers and allows us to offer one of Australia’s most comprehensive drainage services.

Among the services we provide for both sewer and storm water pipes are:

  • High pressure water jetting and root cutting

  • Smart Lock and patch point repairs

  • CCTV inspections with high quality footages and Wincan 8 reports

  • Combo cleaning/vacuum loading for the removal of waste from drains and pits

  • Non-destructive digging / hydro excavation

  • Unblocking pipes through impact cutting of concrete, calcification or heavy root masses

Rangedale has over 200 field staff and our teams are on call 24/7 to assist with any drainage issue you may have. From water boards and local councils to businesses and homeowners, Rangedale is the first choice when it comes to drainage maintenance, construction and repairs. Rangedale can offer a complete range of drainage solutions and have the technology, the experience and the expertise to tailor specific cost-effective solutions for any problem with minimal disruption to the environment, assets and the public.

We’re ISO certified for environmental, OH&S and quality management, and we comply with the Water Services Association of Australia Code. Our teams are fully certified with ongoing and updated training provided and prepared to meet any drainage task head on.

For further information on how Rangedale’s wide-ranging drainage services can assist you phone 1300 669 610 or enquire online.