Work Smart by Using Robotics to Repair and Unblock Sewer and Storm Water Pipes

The use of robot technology has led to massive improvements in how sewer and storm water pipes can be repaired and unblocked.

Among the benefits that robots provide is their ability to allow work to be done with minimal disruption to the environment. As an example, if there’s an obstruction in a pipe five metres underground it’s much easier and usually quicker to send a robot into the pipe to clear it versus digging it out.

For years now Rangedale have made use of robots to repair sewer and storm water pipes and we are considered industry leaders in using this type of technology.

The Smart, Cost-Effective and Flexible Option

Robots are a cost-effective option and they can be used for a range of scenarios. Before sending a robot in to repair a sewer or storm water pipe, we firstly do a CCTV inspection to understand the extent of the problem. If we find it’s a foreign object causing a blockage, such as a loose PVC elbow, then we can use the robot to cut it in half and push it out.

We frequently use robots to cut and grind away obstacles that are blocking pipes. They can also grind out pipes that have shifted and they can also grind away intruding connections. Often our team uses them to trim pipe connections, and they can even help take the guesswork out of pipe realignments as well.

Our state-of-the-art robotics equipment can be used in pipes from 125mm to 700mm in diameter.

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