Trenchless Technology


The Benefits in Using Trenchless Technology for Sewer and Storm Water Pipe Repairs

Today, the most efficient and effective way to repair sewer and storm water pipes is through the use of trenchless technology. The advantages that trenchless technology provides are massive because it allows storm water and sewer pipe repairs to be made from the inside of the pipes as opposed to having to dig them up.

Trenchless technology is used when it’s difficult or impossible to do a mechanical dig. For example, we can use robots for both sewer and storm water pipe inspections and repairs under a house or sealed factory floors.

Rangedale are leaders in the use and development of this type of technology which provides an efficient and cost effective way to repair piping systems.

The Smart Solution for Complicated Repairs

The trenchless technology also allows us to repair substandard or aged piping and clear away any obstructions. Our robots can cut or grind away at obstacles in pipes and even push blockages out of the way.

Numerous buildings were not constructed in a maintenance friendly fashion and a combination of our CCTV video and robotic technology helps us get around that. It also allows us to repair brand new pipes that have been laid incorrectly.

The technology allows our pipe relining division to repair a failing line and give it another 20-30 years of life without having to do disruptive excavation work.

To do ‘no dig’ point repairs in sewer or storm water pipes we use a Smart Lock system. Used by water boards and councils, we developed this technology for both structural repairs and to keep tree roots out of pipes. It’s a quick and structural repair method that will last for 50 years. If, for some reason, we’re unable to put in a Smart Lock we can use a fiberglass patch to make a repair.

Using robotics and digital camera technology, we also install junction lining to help keep out invasive roots from important connecting points between a house line and main host pipeline.

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