Smart Lock & Patch Repairs

Smart Lock and Patches for Sewer and Storm Water Pipe Point Repairs

The Smart Lock system is the best way to do ‘no dig’ point repairs in sewer or water pipes for several reasons.

Quick and easily installed by our team, Smart Locks offer increased strength and reduced wear when compared to other repair methods.

A Smart Lock is a 400 mm long stainless-steel mechanical repair which uses a ratchet system, an inflatable packer and a fiberglass patch.

Once our team guides the Smart Lock into position, its mechanical system holds the fibre glass patch into position while the resins set. While it only takes around ten minutes to put in, the repair will last for 50 years.

When it comes to sewer and storm water pipe repairs, Smart Locks are a huge technological advancement and we’re proud to have developed this technology.

Given the advantages they offer, Smart Locks are used by both water boards and Councils for structural repairs and to keep tree roots out of pipes.

Smart Locks are available in sizes from DN150 to DN750 and larger sizes are also possible upon request.


If we can’t access an area of pipe with a Smart Lock we typically use an industry standard patch to do the job. We set the patch on a wheeled packer and push it up inside the pipe into position, then inflate the packer where it will form a fibreglass structural repair.

Patches last for around 20 years and they provide a good flow because they bind to the pipe’s inside at the same diameter.

We use CCTV technology to control the installation process as well as after the repairs have been made to provide clients with a CCTV footage (Wincan report) showing them that their pipes have been properly repaired.

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