Relining of Drains

Avoid Disruptive Excavation Work with Drain and Pipe Relining from Rangedale

If your pipeline system has breaks, cracks or it’s at the point of collapse, having it relined is often a better idea than digging it up and replacing it.

Using our cured relining system means there’s no need to dig large trenches and disturb the area around the pipeline. This gives you the added benefit of not having to do any rehabilitation work such as the relaying of turf or the fixing of paths.

Relining is also a proven durable solution that will add a further 20-30 years of life to pipes and drains. It is also a cost effective, efficient and environmentally friendly process.

How Do You Repair Sewer or Storm Water Pipes through Relining?

Using our CCTV cameras, we first do an inspection of the insides of the sewer or storm water pipes to check on their condition. Then our team does any required cleaning so to ensure there are no sharp edges in the pipe that could pierce the bladder that is used in the relining process.

The bladder we use is airtight and lies inside a 20m length of liner which is impregnated with resins. We pull it through the pipe and once it’s in position the bladder is blown up and the wet resin on the felt is pushed into the inside of the host pipe.

The bladder remains blown up for an hour or two depending on how cold or hot it is and on what type of resins are being used on that particular day. When the resins have cured and are fixed to the pipe’s insides, the bladder is deflated and withdrawn. The end result is a pipe or drain with its structural integrity regained.

To have your pipes relined properly you need to have it done by a well trained and experienced team as we have at Rangedale Drainage & Civil Services.

For further information on why having sewer or storm water pipes relined could be a much better option than an outright replacement, phone 1300 669 610 or enquire online.