Junction Lining

Junction Lining Pre-Empts Future Repairs to Sewer and Storm Water Pipes

Junction Lining finishes the Relining process of rehabilitating the house connection branch to the main sewer pipe. It seals the point where the house connection meets the sewer retic.

Also junction liner can be used to repair a damaged or broken junction by installing a full barrel junction repair.

Cost Effective, Long Lasting Repairs

When our experienced team fits a junction lining/top hat they do a thorough and careful job so to ensure there are no unnecessary problems further down the track.

Using robotics and CCTV camera technology, we put in the seal at the ideal location. The rim of the hat is put in the main host pipe and the top of the hat has gone up the house connection branch. The packer we use is then blown up to the size of the pipe and it’s held into position until the resins are cured. Once it becomes hard, the packer is deflated and taken out.

We have the experienced team and the state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that these types of seals are put in as expertly as possible. It’s all a part of our comprehensive range of services which includes hydro excavation (non-destructive digging) and, pipe relining and replacements, sewer and storm water pipe inspections and repairs.

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