Jet Cleaning And Root Cutting

Rangedale provides expert and efficient root clearing and cutting services all around Melbourne.
We have a large fleet of drain cleaning units which can be used for both low and high pressure cleaning work of up to 3000 PSI.

All Rangedale units feature large-volume water storage tanks, and also carry stand pipes for easy connection to hydrants for street water supplies. These water-jetting units are fitted with the latest rotating water-jet cutting heads which remove deposits such as grease, sand, silt and roots.

Each unit carries a minimum of 260m of ¾” hose, a wide range of jet nozzles, bombs and cleaning heads.

Water Routine Cleaning

Our high velocity jetting vehicles are on hand for clearing blockages, general cleaning or root cutting of sewers, storm water drains and pits of up to 240m in length and 1500mm in diameter.

We also provide professional chemical root foaming and manhole inspections.