CCTV Inspection


Rangedale uses the latest Pearpoint and IBAK CCTV cameras combined with WinCan reporting software. The use of cutting edge technology means we can provide clients with accurate, timely and detailed inspection reports in both coloured hardcopy with photos and digital formats.

Recording of the pipe surveys can be provided on DVD, or USB stick. All CCTV staff are trained to the (WSA05) Coding Standards.

The most prominent software WinCan V8 is used to capture live video of conduits as digital clips for each line with the IBAK CCTV camera system. In the case of any abandonment, the line is cleaned (using approved methods) and the survey continues or a reverse survey is performed from the opposite end to achieve an overlap.

MPEG1 compression is used for the clips. However, the clips can also be captured in MPEG2 or MPEG4 formats.

Video and Reporting

Our digital clips are carefully observed using either WinCan V7 or V8, depending on our clients’ desired reporting standards. Both comprehensive and summary reports are generated for each line.

Our clips are then attached to their respective reports. Three major reporting standards are currently in use: Sewer Inspection Reporting Code of Australia WSA05-2008, WSA05-2006 and SEWRAT (Australian Conduit Condition Evaluation Manual).

The header section of these report contains all the information needed to be filled in prior to assessment, such as the start node, end node, estimated length, year of construction, etc.

The body of the report contains all observations made during the survey followed by still images of observations of significance (serious structural damages and service defects) for the relevant pipe length. Some reports are colour coded for defects, grading from one to five depending on the magnitude.

Both hard and soft copies are provided to clients to assist with their informed decision making.