The Operations Manager at Rangedale, Garrie McLean, has worked in the drainage industry for 30 years. He leads an experienced team of drainage professionals including 60 staff with 45 working in the field.

Rangedale has the expertise and the capability to take on jobs that others simply cannot do, with minimal disruption to the environment.

The staff at Rangedale pride themselves on a strong work ethic, always putting safety first and carrying out every job with commitment and professionalism.

Rangedale delivers projects on time and on budget, always putting the client first and ensuring their expectations are not only met but exceeded.

Our Team of Specialists

We have over 70 highly trained and experienced field staff who are flexible and able to work day or night shifts, weekends and public holidays. From emergency situations to planned works, they’re able to handle any drainage situation.

Rangedale regularly conducts field audits to ensure all regulations are being met

All Rangedale field staff members are trained in Confined Space Entry and CPR. The majority are also qualified in Traffic Management, First Aid and Construction (OH&S Induction) Card.

Rangedale has an Integrated Management System in place that is supported by DLCS and JAS-ANZ. This code covers the more pertinent elements of Quality Assurance (ISO 9001-2008), Occupational Health and Safety (AS 4801-2001) and Environmental Management (ISO 14001-2004).

This management system has been accredited by the ISO, resulting in audit results of more than 98% each year since the first audit in 2015.

Rangedale’s thorough processes ensure projects always meet expectations

The quality objectives for each project are contained in the Project Plan, which identifies the following:

  • The scope of the project
  • The project resources, equipment, standards, processes and controls including appropriate reviews, verification and the planned inspection and test activities including the acceptance criteria
  • The procedures to be followed and the records to be controlled and maintained
  • The identification of suitable verification of processes at appropriate stages of the product and service delivery
  • The checklists that are required to be completed.

Rangedale’s strict procedures ensure that the construction process is controlled, that all specified requirements and standards are met, and that evidence of compliance is generated.